Facial Serum 1 oz


Soften The Skin's Aging Process - Look & Feel Your Best!

Peptides Stimulate Collagen & Supports:

  • Healing
  • Repairing
  • Increasing Skin Thickness
  • Refining Appearance of Wrinkles
  • Evening Skin Tone & Texture
  • Restoring Elasticity & Firmness
  • Top Notch Delivery System
  • Provides Nourishing Minerals & Vitamins 
  • Provides Hydrating Oils
  • Apply Morning & Night
  • Cutting Edge Ingredient Deck
  • A Little Goes A Long Way
Gentle   Light Weight Moisturizer Smooth Gel Consistency
Natural & Organic Ingredients  Concentrated Delivery System Healing Aloe Vera & Botanical Extracts
Deep Penetration Hyaluronic Acid:Elasticity & Hydration  Peptiedes Stimulate Collagen
Absorbs Quickly Paraben Free Sulfate Free
 All Natural Plant Based No Animal Testing
1 oz Pump Bottle Recyclable  No Harsh Chemicals


             Do The Largest Organ Of Your Body A Favor 
                                  Go All Natural!!

How To Use:

Face Serum is a lightweight moisturizer that penetrates deep into the dermal layers to delivery the active ingredients. 

Apply on face, neck & décolletage morning & night.

  • Cleanse with Aloe & E Face Wash 
  • Gently Pat Skin Partially Dry 
  • Use Organic Witch Hazel Before Applying Serum
  • Apply a small amount to entire face, neck and decollete. 
  • Allow to dry. 
  • Can be used daily 
  • Can be used under make up. 
  • Finish with a small amount of Facial Rejuvenation Cream

Note: Leaving a bit of moisture on the skin allows the products to be locked in with moisture and prevents the overuse of highly concentrated products. 

Suggested Products / Routine for Daily Pro Active Face-Skin Care:

Cleanse with Aloe & E Face Wash or Acne Fighter Face Wash or Apply Enzyme Face Mask, blot skin dry. Cleanse any leftover impurities with Organic Witch Hazel. Finalize the routine with Facial Rejuvenation Cream OR Facial Serum OR Acne Spot Treatment for superior pro-active face care. Washes and Creams, Serums or Spot Treatments can be mixed or matched depending on your day to day needs. 


Deionized Water (Ions Removed - No Charge)  Aqua
Witch HazelAstringent - Non Drying
Contains 99.9% Witch Hazel Extract & only 0.01% alcohol to preserve
Hamamelis Virginiana Water 
 Kosher Vegetable Glycerin  Moisturize-Humectant
(vegetable based)

Organic AloeHas the potential to heal & moisturizeAloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum Natural Gum Thickener
Natural Fiber
From Tree Endosperm 
 Tara- Quechua
Organic Jojoba Seed Oil  Has the potential to
promote healthy skin  
Simmondsia Chinesis 
Sodium PCAMoisturize
Plant Extract
Sodium LactateMoisturize
Plant Derived
Silk Protein Amino Acid BlendBuilding Blocks For Skin Protein
Plant Derived
Organic Gotu Kola Extract Has the potential to
promote healthy skin 
Centella Asiatica 
Horsetail Extract Has the potential to
promote healthy skin 
Equisetum Arvense 
Wild Geranium Extract Has the potential to
promote healthy skin 
Geranium Maculatum 
Organic Dandelion 
Has the potential to
promote healthy skin 
Taraxacum Officinale 
Hydroxyethyl EthylcelluloseThickener
Potassium Sorbate Mild Preservative
(Alternate to Parabens)
Potassium Salt of Sorbic Acid-Natural Fatty Acid
Sodium Benzoate 
Plant Derived
 Salt of Benzoic Acid
Ethylhexylglycerin Preservative - Gentle
Derived from glycerin 

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