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    How to Use:  Personal Hygiene

    Shake powder to apply a light application where needed:

    • Head to Toe
    • Underarms (Has the ability to be an all-natural deodorant)
    • Hair / Scalp ( to absorb excess oil - reduces washing frequency)
    • Babies (suggested uses are unscented & lavender options only)
    • Stinky Shoes
    • Gym

    Business / Commercial Applications 

    • Assist putting scuba diving gear on easily
    • Costume makeup base for plays  
    • Movie production prop - ex: snow, dust - (Used By A Well Known Production Company)
    • Artist paint medium 
    • Post body wax application
    • Commercial archery production (keeps parts moving on production line)

    The business commercial list are all applications the powder formula has been actively and successfully used in. 

    Note: Formula is Highly Concentrated - A Little Goes A Long Way!

    Bulk Storage: 

    • For best shelf life results, store in a bag or container that is sealed & kept in a cool, dry place.  The formula has clay in it & if it is exposed to open air, it will absorb moisture from the air.  
    • Additionally, keeping the product sealed will protect the longevity of the aroma, if a scent is purchased. 

    Safety Precautions - Shelf Life 

    • Do not use or apply formula to open wound(s)
    • Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs 
    • External use only 
    • Keep Out of Eyes
    • Shelf life: 1 year

    Unscented - This is well suited for infants, kids, adults or people who choose not to use fragrance. Unscented works well for many applications. Try it at the gym working out, shoes, babies, & as a deodorant to help absorb excess moisture & odor.  

    Lavender - light, sweet floral aroma (Essential Oil) 

    Sandalwood - deep, woodsy aroma (Essential Oil) 

    Tea Tree-Lemongrass - fresh, clean aroma (Essential Oil Combination) Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Pine, Peppermint 

    Clementine-Fennel - fresh citrus & licorice combo (Essential Oil Combination) Clementine, Fennel, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Lemongrass, Lavender 

    Lime - crisp fresh tropical aroma (Essential Oil) 

    Jasmine - a beautiful, rich sweet aroma (Fragrance Oil-dpg free)

    Gardenia - light & sweet floral aroma (Fragrance Oil-dpg free)  

    Rose - light & floral rose aroma (Fragrance Oil-dpg free) 

    Cranberry – sweet & true to cranberry aroma (Fragrance Oil) 

    Coconut - fresh & clean true coconut aroma (Aroma Oil - Plant Derived)

                                        Guide To Selecting An Aroma

    Essential Oils - Are used in this formula for aroma only. 

    Aroma Oils - Plant Derived - Are used in this formula for aroma only.  This innovative technology of combining real plant extracts together to arrive at a desired fragrance allows for a pleasant aroma without the potential toxicity of synthetically produced fragrance oils.  

    Fragrance Oils - DPG Free (Dipropylene Glycol) used to cheapen fragrances by diluting them.  Offering select fragrance free dpg oils for consumers who desire to buy and use a certain fragrance/aroma in a product.

    The ingredient deck consists of corn starch, arrowroot powder & clay; all of which are derived from plants. 

    The following information will explain each ingredient & their purpose in order to formulate a plant-based, highly effective, all-natural powder.

    Cornstarch (zea mays) 

    • Has the ability to absorb odor & moisture 
    • Soft & gentle
    • A healthy alternative to talc
    • Cornstarch is produced through the milling of corn to extract the starch, which is then processed & dried to a fine powder

    Arrow Root Powder (maranta arundinacea)

    • Has the ability to absorb odor & moisture 
    • Silky texture
    • Its natural qualities are almost identical to talcum 
    • Arrowroot is a starch flour made from the root of the manoic plant. It's fine texture and pure white color makes it a natural additive for body powder

    Clay (Kaolin White)

    • Has the ability to absorb odor & moisture 
    • High mineral content 
    • Soft & Silky
    • Has the potential to lightly draw out impurities & toxins. 

    Certain brands of talcum powder have tested positive for asbestos

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