If you have never used a body spray or a therapeutic room spritzer before, the following information offers a brief explanation.

Sniff a rose or freshly cut grass. Scents evoke many images and sensations, so common, we don't give them much thought. The olfactory system, which senses and processes odors, is one of the oldest and most vital parts of the brain. The olfactory system is basically the body’s system of smell. Tiny molecules of aroma are inhaled by the nose. These aroma molecules are trapped in the nose by hair like nerve endings, called cilia that pass the aroma on to receptors that then carry the molecules to the olfactory bulb. From the olfactory bulb, the aroma molecules are transported to the limbic system, the brain structure that governs our thoughts, emotions, behavior and memory. The olfactory nerves react as other nerves in the body do, sending signals and dispatching information to the rest of the body.  In general, this explains how and why when essential oils are used they can impact the different systems in our body.