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Soap 4 oz Bars

Glycerine Based, All Natural Soap. Gentle, Moisturizing, Silky Lather, Wonderful Aroma, Long Lasting, Great Price!!
This superior formula was formulated by a production chemist & I am proud to put my name on it. This is a "hard" glycerine soap. Vegetable Glycerine is the #1 ingredient, along with Coconut Oil & Safflower Oil. So it contains all food grade, vegetable based ingrdients. What is DOES NOT have in it are fillers such as sugar water or additives...this produces an inferior soap & it DOES make a difference. My pure and gentle glycerine is specially formulated for mildness. These emollient bars are completely vegetable based and contain among the highest percentage of glycerine. Glycerine is a clear, sticky liquid that is naturally produced during the soapmaking process. It attracts moisture from the air to the skin, so I used a glycerine based soap to provide hydration to the skin. Plus it cleanses without leaving a tight dry feeling. It is not left on your skin or your tub/shower after you are finished. Because my glycerine has a lower pH (8.0 to 8.5) than most hard milled soaps (10.0 to 12.5) my soap will NOT upset the skin's natural pH balance or strip the natural mantle of the skin. These glycerine soaps have a silky lather, are available in unscented and a variety of soft fragrances and eye cathing all natural colors. Formulated with healthy skin in mind. Every bar is packaged in a cellophane bag & tied up with a piece of natural colored wraphia. People recognize my quality product and an affordable price....and keep coming back for more!
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