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Perfume - .5 oz Roll-On

Floral Types: These perfumes are for the person who likes a sweet feminine smell.

Indulgence - $6.99 - A floral that is rich, sweet and graceful. A rosy aroma that lends itself to a full bodied intoxicating smell. This blend is anchored by 100% pure rose essential oil. Rose symbolizes passion, romance, sympathy and luxury.

Enchanting - $6.99 - A beautiful rich, soft, sweet and warm aroma that is exquisitely exotic and graceful. This blend is anchored by 100% pure Jasmine Absolute. Jasmine is relaxing, intoxicating and warming.

Heavenly Gardenia - $4.99 - A strong luscious floral. This is a sweet floral blend that creates peace and harmony when blended with lavender.

Citrus Types: These perfumes have a light fresh character that is anchored with a sensual aroma.

Comfort - $6.99 - A warm and welcoming blend. The blending of Neroli, Mandarin and Vanilla create a fresh rich aroma. An exquisite soft blend.

Passion - $4.99 - A rich, complex, slightly sweet robust blend. The blending of citrus, florals and woods create this extraordinary aroma. For those of you who don’t like real sweet perfumes, this is a good one to try. Men really like the aroma of Sandalwood.

Floral–Citrus–Wood Types: These perfumes are based on a woody and flowery accord, which adds warmth and mystery.

Misty Forest - $4.99 - A beautiful fresh aroma. The blending of three wood oils and 100% pure Jasmine creates a true delight to the senses. This is a less sweet aroma. The beautiful aroma of Jasmine is present, but tamed by the forest blend. Like a walk in the forest after the dew sets in the morning or a soft rain shower.

Harmony - $4.99 - A warm full, rich, hearty blend that is gently spiced with a woody after note. This blend of citrus, florals and woods definitely portrays warmth and mystery. This aroma in this blend would lend itself to someone who likes a floral, spice mixture that has earthy after tones.

Unlike synthetic perfumes, that may contain harsh chemicals and animal products, our natural perfumes contain pure essential oils that are derived from plant and flower sources. Pure essential oils are volatile by nature meaning that they dissipate faster than a chemically produced fragrance. In addition, they have a lighter scent. As a result, they must be applied more liberally and more often than a synthetic perfume.

Apply to pulse points throughout the day and enjoy the mood-enhancing, aromatic qualities. Change the way you think about the role of fragrance in your everyday life. All natural perfume plus the power of positive thought helps every woman feel better about herself.

In addition to the essential oils, these perfumes contain jojoba oil.