'Bath And Body Naturals' Offering: Plant Based Skin Safe Non Toxic Safe & Gentle Pro-Active Skin Care For Both Genders
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Body Powder and/or Deodorant 6oz

Product Description: You will love how silky this powder feels on your skin. Not dusty when applied. Made talc free. Talc is not healthy to breathe in because it has the potential to contain traces of asbestos. 

Highlights: Absorbs Moisture From Skin and make a great deodorant because they contain clay.  Clay absorbs moisture.  Your body is still allowed to perspire, and the moisture is absorbed.

Applications: Head to Toe, Stinky Shoes, Gym Bag, Baby Bottoms: (use unscented & lavender), Hair/Scalp to absorb excess oil.

Scents Available:

Unscented - This is well suited for infants, kids, adults or people who choose not to use fragrance. Unscented works well  for many applications. Try it in your gym shoes, working out, on babies, and as a deoderant to help absorb excess moisture.

Gardenia - light & sweet floral aroma. (Fragrance Oil)

Rose - light & floral rose aroma. (Fragrance Oil)

Jasmine - a beautiful, rich sweet aroma. (Fragrance Oil)

Lavender - light, sweet floral aroma. (Essential Oil)

Tea Tree-Lemongrass - fresh, clean aroma. (Essential Oil Combination)

Sandalwood -  Deep, woodsy aroma. (Essential Oil)

Clementine-Fennel - fresh citrus and licorice combo. (Essential Oil Combination)

Ingredient Info: 

The base for all blends includes corn starch, arrowroot powder & clay; all of which are derived from plants.  The following information will explain the product ingredients & what they do to make a great all natural powder.

Cornstarch: Absorbent,soft & gentle. A healthy alternative to talc. Cornstarch is produced through the milling of corn to extract the starch, which is then processed & dried to a fine powder.

Arrow Root Powder: Absorbent, fine texture. Its natural qualities are almost identical to talcum. Arrowroot is starch flour made from the root of the manoic plant. It's fine texture and pure white color makes it a natural additive for body powder.

Kaolin Clay: High mineral content, has the potential to lightly draw out impurities & toxins. Good for sensitive, dry or mature skin & for children.