'Bath And Body Naturals' Offering: Plant Based Skin Safe Non Toxic Safe & Gentle Pro-Active Skin Care For Both Genders
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Lotion (Hand & Body) 8 oz


Deionized Aqua-water,*Aloe Vera-moisturize,*Sunflower Oil-dry&damaged skin, Palm Oil-antioxidant/vitamins, Glyceryl Stearate (VD Glycerin/Stearic Acid) moisturize,Cetyl Alcohol (PD Coconut Fatty Alcohol)softener,Stearic Acid (PD Palm Oil) Soften,Kosher Vegetable Glycerin(PD)moisturize,Sesame Seed Oil- dry skin moisturizer, Lavender Distillate-healing, Avocado Oil-vitamin rich moisturizer, Evening Primrose Oil-soften, Cucumber-soothe, Orange Distillate-healing,*Lemon Balm-healing,*Calendula Officinalis-soothe/heal, Wildcrafted Eyebright-skin conditioner, Elderflower-skin brightening,*Chamomile-sooth/heal, Wildcrafted Cats Claw-heal, Shea Butter- skin superfood/ moisturize-heal,*Jojoba Oil- moisturize, Vitmain E & B5,Phenoxyethano-preservative/non irritating,Glycerin, Wildcrafted Green Tea-antioxidantCitric Acid (Naturally Derived)pH adjuster  

*Organic    PD Plant Derived 

  • Highly Concentrated - A little goes a long way.
  • Aroma Choices:
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils:
  • (Lavender-Bulgarian, Sandalwood-blend of 4 woods, Peppermint-fresh/clean, Lemongrass-crisp/pure)
  • 100% Plant Based Fragrance Oils (Coconut-the real deal, Lime-pure/clean)
  • High End Fragrance Oils (Jasmine, Rose, Gardenia, Buttery Vanilla)

All scents are true to their names and lotion is offered in three different catagories of fragrance types to offer a large variety of choices; depending on what one likes.