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Body & Room Sprays / Spritzers

Use for body, home, office or car...whenever you need a little lift!

The following will inform you how they work & the products for sale are below.

If you have never used a body spray or a room spritzer before, the following information will explain how they can affect our body.

Sniff a rose or freshly cut grass. Scents evoke many images and sensations so common we don't give them much thought. The olfactory system, which senses and processes odors, is one of the oldest and most vital parts of the brain. The olfactory system is basically the body’s system of smell. Tiny molecules of aroma are inhaled by the nose. These aroma molecules are trapped in the nose by hairlike nerve endings, called cilila, that pass the aroma on to receptors that then carry the molecules to the olfactory bulb. From the olfactory bulb, the aroma molecules are transported to the limbic system, the brain structure that governs our thoughts, emotions, behavior, and memory. The olfactory nerves react as other nerves in the body do, sending signals & dispatching information to the rest of the body. This explains how & why when essential oils are used they can impact the different systems in our body.

The following is a list of essential oils & other ingredients used in the blends & what their properties are. By using this list & comparing it to the oils used in a blend, it will help you get a better understanding what the spray will do.

Essential Oil Descriptions: please note this is a short description of the oil properties, they are capable of much more than what's listed.

BERGAMOT: uplifiting, refreshing, relieves stress & anxiety.
CEDARWOOD: balance, calmness, astringent & antiseptic.
CLARY SAGE: calming & balancing especially on female hormones.
ROMAN CHAMOMILE: relaxing & sedative.
CINNAMON LEAF: warm, spicy, stimulant & antiseptic.
CLOVE: spicy, warm, sweet & antiseptic.
EUCALYPTUS: antiseptic & antibacterial.
GERANIUM: balancing, calming, reduces stress & anxiety.
GRAPEFRUIT: refreshing, energizing, disinfecting & antidepressent.
LAVENDER: relaxing, soothing & anstiseptic.
LEMON: refreshing, uplifting & disinfecting.
MANDARIN: calming & relaxing.
MARJORAM: relaxing & soothing.
NEROLI: uplifting & refreshing.
ORANGE: refreshing, invigorating & antiseptic.
PEPPERMINT: energizing & improves concentration, soothing.
PINE: stimulant & antiseptic.
ROSEMARY: stimulating, refreshing & disinfecting.
TANGERINE: uplifting, refreshing & calming.
SANDALWOOD: soothing, sedative & aphrodisiac.
SPEARMINT: stimulating & refreshing to skin & muscles.
YLANG YLANG: sedative, seductive & aphrodisiac.

REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER: purified water. All possible additives, contaminants & preservatives have been removed, leaving pure water to work with. (This water goes through a 3-step filtering process to remove the impurities).

WITCH HAZEL: is an herb that makes a wonderful, cooling astringent & toner for the skin. It is made by steeping witch hazel herb leaves and/or roots in hot water or oil. The witch hazel found in the grocery store or drug store is almost always alcohol-based liquid that is not as good for the skin as the natural herb.

GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT: A natural preservative made from the seeds & pulp of the grapefruit.

PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFE USE Keep out of reach of children. People with allergies should test before use & practice caution. Do Not use if pregnant. People with epilepsy & high blood pressure should use caution. Especially with rosemary. Do Not get oils into the eyes. Do Not use citrus oils before going into the sun or tanning beds. (bergamot,grapefruit,lemon,mandarin, orange,tangerine. PRODUCT IS NOT INTENED TO DIAGNOSE,TREAT,CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE.

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