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Luxury Body Sprays - 2 oz

Lightly scented, cool, refreshing and hydrating, these body sprays are the perfect pick-me-up.

A perfect size to fit in most handbags and are a great addition to your gym bag.

Caution: Do not get spray in eyes, essentail oils can irritate the eyes. Be cautious of sun exposure as pure essential oils increase sensitivity to the sun.

Refreshing  A blend of pink grapefruit, mandarin, & neroli essential oils contain properties that will assist you with a refreshing, uplifting & soothing feeling.

Soothing A blend of lavender, geranium & roman chamomile essential oils that contain properties that will  assist you with feelings of balance & calmness.

Relaxing A blend of bergamot, marjoram & lavender essential oils that contain properties to sooth the nervous system & assist you in the art of relaxation.

Sensual A blend of lavender, sandalwood, & ylang ylang essential oils contain properties that act as an aphrodisiac & will assist you with an inner quiet.

Tranquility - A blend of lavender, ylang ylang & chamomile essential oils that contain properties to assist you with balancing your spirit & feeling calm & peaceful.

Spray your body or the area where needed & breathe mist in with eyes closed.

In addition to the essential oils, all sprays are blended with reverse osmosis water, witch hazel extract & grapefruit seed extract as a preservative.