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Bath Salts

Relax, Refresh, Detox. Try one of these blends for yourself today!
Natural bath salts help relax muscles, ease joint pain, soften skin & detoxify the body. With the addition of essential oils, the experience becomes heavenly. GUIDELINES FOR USE:after having literally hundreds of people use my salt blends, I have come to the conclusion that everyone will use a different amount to their liking. A general rule of thumb - use 1/8 to 1/4 cup of salt to bath after water is tapped. Keep the room enclosed to inhale & enjoy the affects of the aromoa from the oils longer. (heat is what activates the aroma of the oils) Remember to dry skin brush towards the heart before your bath to open the pores. This allows the oils to be absorbed even more. Try my bath & body oil or hand and body lotion after your bath to rehydrate the skin.
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Bath Salts