'Bath And Body Naturals' Offering: Plant Based Skin Safe Non Toxic Safe & Gentle Pro-Active Skin Care For Both Genders
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All natural, plant based, bath and body products, by Bath and Body Naturals.

  • Bath and Body Naturals, owned by Paula Van Dyck, brings you a high end line of bath and body products, that are effective, therapeutic and healthy. Online courses, extensive historical research & hands on formulation back Paula’s knowledge.
  • All of my products are made in small batches to insure you the highest quality. Many of the products offered have been in research and development since 1994 and have been available to the general public since 1999. My product formulas are based on traditional use & extensive research with the assistance of professionally trained chemists & aromatherapists . Willing family & friends, not animals, test products.

    Ingredients needed are obtained from reputable, experienced companies and laboratories, that supply only the highest quality forms of natural source plant derived ingredients. This provides a solid foundation for my all natural, plant based products.

    Because everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of using all natural, plant based products, items are offered at an affordable price.

    Producers of commercial products have led us to believe that lots of the products we buy are good for us, but can be damaging to our bodies. After witnessing very serious illness & diseases in family & friends, a lot of research went into why do situations like cancer, parkinsons, etc...occur. Well, it didn't take long to figure out that the food we eat & the products we use on our bodies can potentially play a major role in promoting disease. One thing led to another & this all-natural, plant based product line emerged.

    My motto: Do the largest organ of your body a favor and go all-natural.

    Our Philosophy