'Bath And Body Naturals' Offering: Plant Based - Skin Safe - Non Toxic - Safe & Gentle - Pro-Active Skin Care - For Both Genders
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Welcome to Bath and Body Naturals!
Great Product: Body Powder - Deodorant
All Natural - Plant Based - Talc Free - Aluminum Free - **Applications** For moisture control as a body powder and/or a deodorant either alone or assist your daily deodorant application. Silky Feel, Long Lasting, Absorbent, Not Messy. Can be used by Men - Women - Babies! Great Price: $4.55 / 6oz shaker bottle

Products Available
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Body Powder and/or Deodorant
Absorbs Moisture Well. Talc Free and Aluminum Free
Body Powder BULK - Unscented
Buy base unscented formula by the ounce.
Soap 4 oz Bars
Glycerine Based, All Natural Soap. Gentle, Moisturizing, Silky Lather, Wonderful Aroma, Long Lasting, Great Price!!
Bath Salts
Relax, Refresh, Detox. Try one of these blends for yourself today!
Aloe and E Shower Gel / Body Wash.... feels like strands of silk!
Aloe and E Shower Gel / Body Wash is highly concentrated - A little goes a long way when used with a sponge or net. Gel produces silky, rich suds. It cleanses the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft & moisturized. *50% organic ingredients *Preserved Paraben Free ***NOTE: Ladies, if you wet shave in the shower, this makes an excellent product to do so with.
This is a wonderful, mild, gentle "daily-use shampoo."
Bath & Body Moisturizing Oil
The combination of unrefined carrier oils & pure essential oils are highly moisturizing, therapeutic & smell wonderful. If you have dry skin, or are looking to replenish & take really good care of the largest organ of your body, (the skin) this is a must try for you!
Lotion (Hand & Body)
Lotion:Silky-Hydrating-Plant Derived-Organic-Paraben Free-Non Greasy
All Natural Perfume In a Roll-On Applicator Bottle
Perfume Roll Ons contain 100% natural ingredients and smell wonderful. Great Size to take with you anywhere you go.
Headache Roll On Stick
For natural relief of minor headaches. Roll-On stick, .5 oz
Body & Room Sprays / Spritzers
Use for body, home, office or car...whenever you need a little lift!